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A quick question for my media geek friends. Do any of you have the equipment and knowledge necessary to copy content from a laserdisc to a DVD, and if so, could you help me with such a project? There's an out-of-print film that I really want to own which is up on eBay in LD format. It's extremely unlikely that it will ever get released in DVD due to major contractual disputes between the owners, so I'm thinking that converting it from LD is my best chance to get a crisp copy of it. And to answer the obvious question, the film isn't The Wizard of Speed and Time (which suffers from a similar fate); it's Twice Upon a Time, a delightful animated fantasy film about dreams, nightmares, and the people who live in them.
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Another question for my tech-savvy friends... We have a large library of digital photos and I want to have a backup for them. We're somewhere around 4-6GB now and it grows monthly ([ profile] isisofcool loves to take photos of Little M and is pretty good at it). In terms of data storage, am I better off storing them on a 60GB external drive or burning them onto CDs/DVDs? I like the idea of an external passport-sized drive that I could put into a small safe, but I have no idea how stable they are compared to DVD media.
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A help request for my tech-savvy friends, I managed to set up the wireless network in my house without much problem, but I can't quite seem to get my two computers to talk to each other (a desktop running XP home and a laptop running 2000 pro). Since sharing files between the two machines was one of my goals in setting up the network, this is getting frustrating.

I know that, given some time, I'll figure it out. But I'm not enjoying the aggravation and I know that a number of you could probably do this blindfolded. So, anyone want to come over some evening to help me out in trade for dinner, conversation, and maybe some gaming?

Side discussion 1) Is there any value to be gained in upgrading my laptop to a matching version of XP?

Side discussion 2) Anyone know where I could pick up a copy of Office 2003 cheaply?
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So I decided to finally upgrade my home computer to the 21st century and got a broadband connection set up for our house (wireless connectivity from the desktop unit to the laptop will be following when I get around to it). My question for those who are old hats at this is what are the pros & cons of leaving my computer on 24/7. Is it what most people do these days, are the downsides? Any advice?


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