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  • A top 10 list of the top 10 strange gadget lists at fosfor gadgets (i.e., top 10 strange computer mice, weird USB drives, Lego creations, etc.)

  • In fact, I'll just make a plug here for the fosfor gadgets site in general. It's a good blog about the latest tech toys and other related odd gadgets. One of the strange finds from their site is Ms. Dewey, a search engine for those who think Google could be improved by making it slower and with fewer hits but adding interactive flash video footage of a sexy librarian who makes snarky comments based on keywords in your searches. [no, I don't think anyone really wanted this, but it was fun to play with for a bit.]

  • An online listing of how to plow through various corporate phone systems to reach a human operator.

  • Where's George is a user-driven site for tracking the movement of dollar bills (although one conspiracy-conscious friend of mine is convinced that there must be some ulterior motive behind it).

  • [ profile] rickthefightguy went and turned me on to Kingdom of Loathing which has become a fun time-sink for me. My character is SeeSaw and Rick and I are both in the "Loathers Of Tomorrow" clan. KoL has definitely replaced Nethack as my mild gaming addiction.

  • On that note, I have to say that I've finally demonstrated my complete mastery over Nethack by ascending from a game in which I never used a wish, never polymorphed myself or any items, never wiped any monsters, and never opened any spoiler docs for reference (heck, I even let the computer pick a random character for me).

  • I love the Lostpedia and refer to it every week a couple of days after watching the new episode of Lost to see what odd little items I may have missed.


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