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Shortly after the finale of Lost, I wrote up some lengthy notes regarding how I felt about the show and its final season.  I then put those notes aside to give myself some time to read comments from friends, fans, and critics alike.   During that time, I thought a lot about why many people were unhappy with the final episode of Lost, whereas I enjoyed it and many of the reviews from mainstream critics were pretty favorable.  A month later, here are my thoughts about Lost and the divisive choices the producers made about the mysteries of the show.

[FYI for those who haven't seen all of Lost yet: there are a couple of veiled spoilers below, and one (marked) paragraph with some actual spoilers, but I'm mostly writing about the design of the show and its attitude towards mysteries, rather than specifics of the story.]

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  • A top 10 list of the top 10 strange gadget lists at fosfor gadgets (i.e., top 10 strange computer mice, weird USB drives, Lego creations, etc.)

  • In fact, I'll just make a plug here for the fosfor gadgets site in general. It's a good blog about the latest tech toys and other related odd gadgets. One of the strange finds from their site is Ms. Dewey, a search engine for those who think Google could be improved by making it slower and with fewer hits but adding interactive flash video footage of a sexy librarian who makes snarky comments based on keywords in your searches. [no, I don't think anyone really wanted this, but it was fun to play with for a bit.]

  • An online listing of how to plow through various corporate phone systems to reach a human operator.

  • Where's George is a user-driven site for tracking the movement of dollar bills (although one conspiracy-conscious friend of mine is convinced that there must be some ulterior motive behind it).

  • [ profile] rickthefightguy went and turned me on to Kingdom of Loathing which has become a fun time-sink for me. My character is SeeSaw and Rick and I are both in the "Loathers Of Tomorrow" clan. KoL has definitely replaced Nethack as my mild gaming addiction.

  • On that note, I have to say that I've finally demonstrated my complete mastery over Nethack by ascending from a game in which I never used a wish, never polymorphed myself or any items, never wiped any monsters, and never opened any spoiler docs for reference (heck, I even let the computer pick a random character for me).

  • I love the Lostpedia and refer to it every week a couple of days after watching the new episode of Lost to see what odd little items I may have missed.

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