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CNN sources say that Allen is going to concede the VA Senate race today, giving control of the Senate to the Democrats. All evidence makes it look like this would be the end result of a recount anyway, so it's no big surprise. Here's what does interest me though...

With all precincts reporting, Allen seems to have lost VA by less than 9,000 votes (about a third of 1% of the total VA votes). In previous years, this would have been an easy and obvious target of a recount and according to VA law, the loser of an election has the automatic right to a recount if the difference is less than 1% of the vote. Allen isn't planning on requesting one.

I'm wondering if, in the wake of the disputed races in 2000 & 2004, the group-mind has attached a stigma to politicians who ask for recounts. Have recounts changed the originally stated results of any major elections in recent years. If not, then I could see politicians as being loath to request one as the odds are that it would just artificially drag things out and make them look worse and worse in the public's eye for doing so, thereby making it even harder for them to stage a comeback later.

At this point, even the term 'recount' has negative associations attached to it, so who wants to be seen as the guy demanding one (and then getting all of the hanging chad jokes aimed at you even if the recount comes out in your favor).
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Geez, LJ is being really slow and wonky today. Lots of people commenting on the elections or just general interweb/sunspot traffic?


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