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Last weekend, Little M and I were shopping at Build-a-Bear and she picked out a pair of stuffie-sized pink Hello Kitty slippers for her stuffed bunny (named "Bunny Lunny Tunny") to match the toddler-sized ones that she has and loves.

Tonight was the first night of Channukah and Little M, Big M and I each got one gift. We played with them for a while, then had dinner and did the bedtime rituals.

About an hour after Little M had settled in we heard crying from upstairs. I went up to check and she sat up in bed and in a heart-wrenchingly sad voice said "Daddy, we forgot to give Bunny Lunny Tunny her Channukah present." Ow. So sweet and so sad, broke and melted my heart.

I asked her if she wanted to do that tomorrow for the 2nd night of Channukah and she said no that it had to be tonight. Clearly, it was very important to her so I brought Little M downstairs, we gave the Bunny Lunny Tunny her Hello Kitty slippers and told her that she could wear them tomorrow. Little M, speaking for Bunny Lunny Tunny, said thank you and told us that she liked them very much. Then I brought both Little M and the bunny back up to bed.

We don't know if Little M woke up and realized we had forgotten the present for her toy bunny, or if she had been up in bed for an hour thinking about it, but in either case... awwwwww.

I'm not a grinch about the holidays, but they're just not that big of a deal for me either. Seeing them through a kid's eyes is a whole different experience.
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Here's a photo of LittleM from earlier today at day care (costume by [ profile] isisofcool)...


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