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I type this under the influence of much exhaustion so please excuse the... the... the... y'know, poor use of language skills.

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Continuing our whirlwind run through the Circle of Life Housing, we have just had our offer accepted on a lovely 1890 Victorian in Woburn Highlands (a bit southeast of Woburn Center). The house has lots of charming details and a truly kick-ass kitchen. Now on to the inspections and paperwork.
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Continuing from yesterday...

We listed our house on the market Wednesday afternoon and by the end of Thursday we had 4 offers in hand. A short bidding war commenced and this morning we accepted an offer that was a bit more than 5% over our asking price.

Woof. That was fast.

And for the folks wondering how we did this in a slow market, the short answer is that we have a nice house in very good condition in a good commuter town in a price range that had almost no competition. We could have priced it a bit higher to start with, but then we would have been competing with a lot more houses that had various factors in their favor.
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Last night, Big M and I got another log thrown onto the "getting us to move" fire.* In looking at the list of things that need to be done before we're ready to put the house on the market, one of the big items is to replace the outer-pane of the large double-paned picture window in the front of our house [Not really a big job, but not one that we want to do ourselves]. We don't want to deal with a place whose business is trying to sell us on replacing lots of windows, we just want to find someone skilled to order the correct replacement part and put it in. Anyone have any North of Boston recommendations for window contractors?

* As we got home yesterday, we noticed a for sale sign on the house next door to ours (and that's a fairly close next door). Big M looked it up online today and saw that it's being marketed as a value property for either extensive remodeling or for tearing down and building a large property on the site. We've already been seriously thinking about moving (locally) and we have little interest in living next door to either of these activities.


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