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Now updated with 2010 World Series Results:

Since 2002, four of the eight teams that have gone the longest without winning the World Series have won titles; the Angels in 2002, Red Sox in 2004, White Sox in 2005, and Giants in 2010 - ending droughts of 41, 86, 88, and 56 years respectively.  It's been a heck of a decade for fans of the classic teams.  So, with the Giants having just won the series, here’s the updated list of teams who have been the hardest on their fans…

The Futility List (years without winning the World Series) as of 2010:
    Chicago Cubs           102    Last won in 1908
    Cleveland Indians     62      Last won in 1948
    Texas Rangers          49      Never won (founded in 1961 as the 2nd version of the Washington Senators)
    Houston Astros          48      Never won (founded in 1962)

Tied at 41 years are the San Diego Padres, Milwaukee Brewers, and Washington Nationals (aka Montreal Expos), none of which have won since their teams were founded in the 1969 expansion.  After that you have the Seattle Mariners at 33 years (no wins, founded in 1977) and the Pittsburgh Pirates at 31 years (they won the 1979 Series)

And a related list:

The Embarrassment List (years without appearing in a World Series) as of 2010:
    Chicago Cubs           65     Lost the 1945 Series
    Wash. Nationals       41     Never been in the Series (founded in 1969)
    Seattle Mariners      33      Never been in the Series (founded in 1977)
    Pittsburgh Pirates    31      Won the 1979 Series


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