Jul. 22nd, 2010

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A quick question for the tech gurus among my friends...

I want to hook up a pair of internet enabled devices (a Tivo and an internet-ready TV). My router is at the other end of the house, about 50' away from said devices. Is the best thing for me to do:

1) Run a pair of 50' Ethernet cables from the the devices to the router (relatively easy to do through the basement)
2) Run a single 50' cable to the destination, then into a splitter (assuming that's possible, I'm not well educated here)
2a) Related question: Assuming such a tool exists, could it also serve as a way to extend my wi-fi signal to that part of the house?
3) Move the router to a more central location and adjust plans as needed.
4) Ignore the cables and just connect everything over wi-fi (although this could hurt the ability of the Internet-TV to stream from Netflix, which is one of the goals)
5) Something else that one of you gurus is aware of that I'm not.
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I've been subscribing to Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare for a consolidated firewall, anti-virus, anti-malware, and backup solution and I just found out that they're shutting down that tool (Grrrr).

So, do my tech gurus have any recommendations for a replacement? I've used McAfee and Norton in the past and didn't much like them.


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