Jul. 11th, 2010


Jul. 11th, 2010 04:04 pm
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Our skitterish but sweet cat Truffle passed away today. 

We'd sensed that this might be coming as she had been having liver and digestion problems recently and the heat wave last week had been really hard on her (and she was generally weak and had been losing weight for a while - not surprising for an 18 year old cat) but that doesn't make today and easier.

Besides the obvious grief, the thing that gets to me is that we had put off getting new kittens for a year or more because we knew that Truffle wouldn't enjoy having them in her house; her health had been so-so for a while now and we didn't want to subject her to bouncy kittens.  However, Michelle kept asking us when we could get kittens.  We didn't want to have to tell her, "After Truffle dies," and eventually decided that being on a deathwatch was no way to approach getting kittens, so we went ahead and picked out a new pair of little ones and brought them home.  So what happens?  Less than 48hrs later, Truffle passes. Given how Truffle's senses had been failing lately, and since the kittens were in a part of the house that she hadn't been near for the last few days, I'm not sure if she even knew that there were other cats in the house.  I'm sad that the new kittens never got to meet her, but Destiny is a fickle bitch.

FYI, Michelle, seeing how badly Truffle was doing yesterday and this morning, had been asking us a bunch of questions about pet mortality. So, she's understandably upset, but seems to be coping.


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