Apr. 14th, 2010

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About a year ago, I came up with a list of the 15 questions that I wanted LOST to answer before the show ended. We've only got 6 hours left to go in the show (4 regular episode plus the 2hr finale), so I thought it would be interesting to check in on where we stand in terms of getting answers to the big questions.

So, here is my list from last year of the 15 questions I wanted Lost to answer, my comments on what we've learned, and my theories about some new questions raised since the season 5 finale.

SPOILERS BELOW THE CUT for stuff up to last night's episode (if you have knowledge about stuff that hasn't aired yet, please keep it to yourself).

EDIT: I've updated this to include info from the final episodes (and the DVD-only Epilogue) so even more SPOILERS

Status of the big LOST questions. )

Edit: Since someone asked, here's the spoiler-free combined tally of how LOST is doing on answering the "Big" questions with 6 hours to go. Of the 23 "Big" Questions I identified (15 from me from last year, 4 from other people, 4 new ones I added this year), the answers score stands at:
9 Answered
7 Answered in Part
5 Unanswered
2 TBD items related to the ending

FURTHER EDIT: Post-Finale Totals
18 Answered
2 Partially Answered (maybe more depending on your PoV about the answers)
3 Unanswered (though one was addressed in non-canonical stuff)

EVEN FURTHER EDIT: Extra info from the Season 6 / Box Set Epilogue
20 Answered
3 Partially Answered
No "big" questions Unanswered

My three big post-finale unanswered questions were all addressed in the Epilogue (along with extra details about Room 23, the Polar Bears, and the Hurley Bird - none of which were items that even made my unanswered questions list).  So in the final perspective, they actual did manage to provide answers to just about every question.  There are some partial answers that could have been fleshed out (more on the numbers or the properties of the Island, for example), some oddities that simply were (e.g. the pneumatic tube drop), and I'd have liked an epilogue nod to Aaron and Ji Yeon's futures, but I've got no real complaints.


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